Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Interview: Vegas & McLovin Talk "Testers" with UndergroundHipHopBlog.com

The #1 Indie/Underground Hip Hop community BLOG spoke the actual factuals with Vegas & McLovin about their project "Testers" and their influences towards making hip hop music. Check it out.

UGHH BLOG: What influences you guys in making Hip Hop?

Vegas: For me, it’s just a love thing. It’s what I’ve done for years. I was a fan since the age of 2, I’ve dj’d, and I’ve been rhyming for years. It’s an overall love for the culture and the artistry attached to hip hop music.

McLovin: Idk, the simple answer would be, I live, eat, and breathe this hip hop shit.   To be philosophical and eloquent with my words n shit…FOR MORE CLICK HERE!

Thank you to UGHH BLOG for supporting Testers! Salute.

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