Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top 5 Beatz of 2013 that made McLovin put the Face on

Aight so it’s the end of 2013 and everybody is on their top *insert whatever* list shit.   
As I look around, its seems there’s some space for me to dive in with my 2 cents. Why not?
The following are the top 5 BEATZ of 2013 that made 
McLovin throw the ugly face on when he first heard them shits. Not necessarily the SONG but the BEATZ, feel me on this…I’m an aspiring producer, musical composer, curator of culture-n-shit, but for me before any words are said on a song, the damn music catches me FIRST. You may feel differently, but that’s just the way McLovin does it.

The following are the top 5 BEATZ this year that had me stuck stupid when I heard them…

5. Yay Yay (Produced by Boi1da and the Maven Boys)
Okay this dropped outta nowhere unexpectedly like bird shit. Hip Hop culture was kinda-sort-a muddling with the notion that TDE’s Kendrick Lamar just slipped in a modern day classic right under our noses and shit. Then up to bat, Schoolboy Q leaks this as to say, yeah I’m next! Hearing it for the first time, I’m thinking damn whoever made that beat CRUSHED that.  Boi1da and them Maven Boys came through with some tuff ass semi trap drums, a molasses thick bassline and some type of filtered/gated voice sample shit that provided a haunting backdrop for Schoolboy’s narrative about growing up in South Central. Beast.

4. Somewhere in America (Produced by Hit Boy)
Mannnnn…so I’m on twitter one night and shit, somebody tweets that Funk Master Flex is going in, dropping bombs, yelling, dumbin, just doing what he do when he excited bout some new music that just hit his dropbox.    I tunes in, he playing joints from Jay-z Magna Carter for the first time ever, exclusives. So yeah I’m listening like damn, the production on this here is nice,  FunkFlex jumps back on, talks some more BIG DAWG PITBULL talk, then all of a sudden these dumb ass horns just start diddy boppin across these dirty ass drums and tambourines and I’m like Oooooooo wtf is this?? Then some piano keyz and a doofy bassline straight punch me in my chess. Come to find out Hit Boy at it again. The young bulls aint playing. Bravado at its best.

3. Pound Cake (Produced by Boi1da and Jordan Evans)
What the hell? This dude is on my damn list twice??? Boi1da, with Jordan Evans had to know this one was going to be special.  Honestly I think Boi1da and a few other new Jacks have mastered that whole “light in the ass sample, but somehow the beat is still tough” sound.  Smooth, yet boom bap is still present in this composition, like its sprinkled over top the dreamy layers and shit. Its dopeness of epic proportions.  The boldness of interpolating pieces of C.R.E.A.M instead of just having a DJ scratch it in from the original vinyl…and it STILL WORKS was cooler than a fan, man. Cooler than a fan.

2. Control (Produced by No I.D.)
So yeah this OG wasn’t asking for no room to be made. No preferential treatment cause of old bodies caught back in 95’. NO.  Originally meant for Jay-z, this shit here was like the musical back drop to “Lord of the Flies” mixed with got damn “Protect ya Neck” or some shit. Like No I.D. went to the City of God and sampled the damn children running around in the streets with no shoes on and shit, in between petty robbery stings.  As we all know TDE’s Kendrick Lamar used it to set off a shit storm in hip hop culture. And you know how I know this beat was the absolute warrior drum of superiority??  Cause damn near EVERYBODY wanted to retaliate using the SAME BEAT. Dare somebody come with some punk ass drums trying to battle with this shit.  A couple producers tried, but um… no, GTFOH. 

1. Numbers on the Boards (Produced by Don Cannon & Kanye West)
Unfiltered, unapologetic, no fluttery shit, damn near not even a melody.  Straight gravel. When 50 Cent said “Stomp a bone out your ass, with some brand new chukkas”, it sounds like Don Cannon picked up them bones and made a drum pattern out of that shit and here ya go.  When I first heard it, I was thinking yeah, I know exactly what time it is with this shit.  The crazy thing about it is, there are some who actually don’t like the beat.  Broads and dudes talking like broads on twitter would say things like “that’s the beat?” Fuck you, yeah that’s the beat.  Everything is not pretty all the time. Sometimes that face got to be on.  This is one of those, if not THEE one for 2013.

Boom bap bizzle. There it is.  Leaving 2013, stepping into the future.    What producer do you think is going to craft that next beat to make YOU put that face?

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