Monday, November 11, 2013

STRAIGHT FLIPPIN: ???? vs Black Rob

So I'm just diggin righhhhht, in my crates at a quarter to 10, righhhhht, waiting patiently for my beat to begin, righhhhht... Then suddenly I find this joint, and I'm thinkin to myself "Awww shit, I got one"!  So I listen a bit more (as I always do) before I gets to gutting the sample like a blunt and reconstructing its design. That's when my face scruntches up like yo...this sounds real familiar. Like whoa, let me run that back. I do. And it is "WHOA", I mean the sample used in "WHOA ", Black Rob's smash hit.

Producer: Buckwild

Cant believe I found this joint.  Judging from the original's album artwork I definitely see why producer Buckwild took a listen. Two naked white ladies on the joint with their bitties out. Shiiiiiiiit, that's what made me listen, why lie?

If you were ever wondering what the original sounded like take listen. Buckwild flipped that into a smash!
Who would've thought?

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