Tuesday, July 16, 2013

STRAIGHT FLIPPIN: Underdog vs The Wu Tang Clan

What it iz?

So in the meanTIME in between TIME while I'm doing my own thing working, aspiring, and digging towards being an enjoyable music producer...I alwayz find some TIME to reflect on why I'm a fan and want to be apart of this whole hip hop thing in the 1st place. 

This here is what I call "STRAIGHT FLIPPIN", a chance for me to share with you my favorite demonstrationz of the art of sampling coming from OTHER producers.
To kick it off...my favorite flip of all time, the cartoon theme song from Underdog flipped into what we in the hip hop culture know as Wu Tang Clan Aint Nothing to F#ck Wit.


My initial reaction to hearing the original was actually a back flip...well at least that's what I wanted to do.I heard Wu Tang Clan's song first and never knew or cared about where the melody came from.  Underdog was the furthest thing from my mind...needless to say, I think hearing this flip when I did, may have been the  proverbial "flux capacitor" that changed the whole course of my life as far as this producer shit yo. For really.


There you have it peoplez. My most favorite sample flip of all time. Can you honestly say you would've thought to flip something like Underdog into Wu Tang Clan Aint Nothing to F#ck Wit?  There are plenty other sample flipz that I dig, but this one blew my wig back. 

What's your favorite?

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