Monday, April 8, 2013

Top 5 New Jack Producers Dominating Hip Hop

Here we go…
Another list.  Yeah I know what you thinking, but fuck it, It’s my list. The McLovin list. In my quest to become a successful music producer, I cant help but to pay attention to the culture. It's for more than that reason tho…I’m also just a huge fan of this hip hop shit.  So yeah in between trying to produce my own records sometimes I just take a look at the game and admire the minds behind those serious bangerz dominating the culture.  Here’s my list of the top 5 new jacks that got this hip hop shit on smash.

5. Araabmuzik

This dude been here since about 2006, when he was with the Diplomats.  But the young bol in my opinion is coming with a progressive approach towards  the traditional eastcoast hip hop sound and taking it into the future. Oh and um…when Fruity Loops pretty much started crushing the game, Araabmuzik kept it funky with the hardware, physically banging out on his trusty MPC, so much so he’s moved on to be featured live at concerts. So much so, the shit got him hella cameos in Akai MPC promotional videos (Is that an endorsement deal I smell?).  But that’s whatever, hype aside…it all boils down to music and at the end of the day joints like Danny Brown’s “Molly Ringwald” indicate that Araabmuzik will be a “go-to-guy” for bangerz for a while.

4. La Musica De Harry Fraud

Two words… “Shot Caller”  another beast holding it down for the east, Harry Fraud been working, been going in.  Collab projects with Smoke Dza, the block burners for French Montana, and continuous work with the likes of Curren$y, Pusha T, Action Bronson, and more, has placed Harry Fraud in pole position within this producer rat race.  But guess what, that shit don’t even matter, cause Harry Fraud is in his own lane, so the win is inevitable. No signs of stopping, Harry just dropped another fully produced project "Adrift" boasting features from legends like Kool G Rap and Bun B to new jacks like Fat Trel and Stalley. If somebody asked the question “Where Brooklyn At?” when it comes to this production shit…Harry Fraud is the answer.

3. Hit Boy

I mean really what the hell can I say about young Cali right hear? Last year he crushed the “Cruel Summer” album. The year before that, it was the hit single “Paris” for “Watch the Throne”.  2013 started off excellent with the Hit Boy produced “Goldie” contributing to ASAP Rocky’s debut number one album. (I bet Rocky was extremely happy Jay-z turned down that beat.) And then just last month the Hit Boy produced “Bow Down” was leaked as Beyonce’s first single.  All in all, Hit-Boy is on his producer deen. Flat out.  And before you fix your face to think “oh he’s pop” or “he’s r&b”, I encourage you to take a listen to Hit-Boy’s “Cypher” and have a healthy dose of STFU.

2. Them Canadian Boyz- T-Minus, 40, Boi-1da

Mannnnn, these guys will not go away. HYFR. And it’s the skills that keep them in our faces, in our I-Pods, and on top radio. The Canadian connection. Now all three of these dudes arguably could hold down their own spots on any list, but since this is my list, The McLovin list, I put them together. They are known collaborators anyway. They make hits together, get money together, win awards together.  So why not? 

Clearly they have the game in a vice grip. Kendrick Lamar’s “Swimming Pools” by T-Minus is a fucking BEAST of a beat I wish I made. (Fuck it I gotta keep it 1THOUSAND)  40 Shebib's "Fucking Problem" with ASAP Rocky was a fucking problem. Then Boi1da and this latest “Yay Yay” shit for School Boy Q is short yellow-bus crazy!  I know they gon have all types of shit for Drake’s new album. Get use to them, nothing has been or will ever be the same.

1.Mike FUCKING Will Made IT!

You already know. You should already FUCKING know. The club, the radio, the street. Fugetaboutit. This fucking guy right here must sprinkle sound kits and shit in his Wheaties every morning.  Just when it looked like southern trap music production was fading a little bit, This fucking guy here, takes it and flips it into some whole other nother shit taking it to futuristic levels.

I mean some might wave his production off as typical trap, but a trained ear, genuine music lover, or consummate strip club consumer knows better. Whether its making musical movies with consistent collaborator Future, re-energizing Juicy J, or pouring it up with Rihanna, there’s more to those bangerz than meets the ear so to speak. And the bitches? THE BITCHES BE GOING CRAZY OVER THIS SHIT. Just last week I had my jimmy waxed to 5 different Mike Will beats, several different times a---I’m lying.  The kid got hella bangerz tho. Frontin on dude is futile. No Lie.


So there you have it. McLovin's Top 5 New Jack producers. The current soul controllers dominating hip hop culture with their music production. No dickryding shit. Just showing respect and appreciating the producers that are keeping this hip hop shit moving into the beyond. Salute.

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